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Not quite there

In my opinion, this flash had A LOT of potential. Like, really, a shit-ton of potential, but it didn't quite reach it.

I think the reason for my score is because the potential was so obvious and it was disappointing that it fell short.

- Art -
The art style was great. I loved the color, the character design, just about everything looked great standing still. It didn't have to look 100% perfect and I think it worked out better like that.

As I said, the art looked great...standing still. The animation was very choppy in some areas (I don't mean laggy, cos that's just flash being a bitch). Things didn't connect as well as they could have, various loops were painfully obvious (especially the foot-view running), things just weren't fluid and it was very visibile. Again, the art was great, just please work on the animation.

I'll break the sound down into two parts, the reasoning should be obvious.

Music: The music was well picked, well synched and fit right in. It brought more life into the flash, which is something that the music should do. Many people don't use music in flash as well as they could, but the way you had the music play out was great.

Voice acting: The voice acting is one the parts that brought the flash down. I found the voices, especially the male, to be muffled. Also, his skill with his voice is sub-par. The male character didn't feel "real" to me because of the voice.

There wasn't much to the script, but one thing that really bugged me was when the bombs start falling, "We must run". I'm sorry, but...really? Who says that in that sort of situation? I can't tell for sure if that's what he's saying, but that's what it sounds like. Either way, it's too calm, like there's a dangerous animal WAY off in the distance, not a bunch of planes bombing the hell out of everything.

We obviously didn't get a whole lot of the story, but I'm interested in where it's going to go, which is the best you can ask for. You've hooked at least one viewer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, which is what a good story is supposed to do.

-Art style is great
-Animation needs work
-Music is great
-Voice needs work
-Script needs work
-Story is sufficient enough to hook

Hope to see some improvement with the next one and I can't wait. :D


Get better, please.

Fucking fuck

I still can't get over how fucking genius this is. You's kick fucking ass, man.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:


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It's a really great game and doesn't push the religious point too much.

I don't believe in God but, unlike idiots like Deniecu, I come at things like this with an open mind. I hate when people are in my face saying "BELIEVE OR YOU GO TO HELL!", but you should still respect people and their beliefs whether or not some God wants you to.

But yeah, great stuff. I loved it.


My virus: Morteviridae, or "Death Virus"

Great game! :D


This was really cool and all puzzle-like which is awesome. :D GREAT JOB

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As with most of your work, I love it. I have yet to do serious drugs, but this makes me want to go out, find some rave, get up on X and just let this song flow through me. I want to get lost in this and never find my way out!

Plainish, but don't care

For me, a techno song sounding kind of plain is great anyway. I don't care if it sounds like the same ol' dance song, as long as it makes me want to get up and dance which is exactly what this does. Great job in my opinion.


It's a very bouncable song! :D
Also very clear, good quality and pretty much how a techno/trance song. Hard to decide if it's techno or trance, so I'd say it's a perfect blend between the two.

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